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A reaction to Karen Thompson Walker’s “What can fear teach us?”

By Contia’ Prince, Founder, Editor-In-Chief

“Fear” which means, “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat,” can trace its roots through many languages including Old English, Proto-Germanic, Gothic and Greek. When fictional writer, Karen Walker said, “In English, fear is something that we conquer,” she may have been referring to its Greek origin “peria” meaning, “trial, attempt, experience.”

She proposes we think of fear as a story, with characters, conflicts, beginnings, middles and ends. If we teach this to children, can we them teach them to control the ending? And how does this relate to anything in the “real world,” outside our imaginations? Novelist Vladimir Nabokov once said, “A good reader has an artist’s passion, a willingness to get caught up in the story, but just as importantly, the readers also needs the coolness of judgment of a scientist, which acts to temper and complicate the reader’s intuitive reactions to the story.”

A universal transcendence into this kind of mindset might end battles between the media and parents over gun violence, school violence and promiscuity among teenagers. It might also make us better entrepreneurs, because it settles the divide between “dreamers” and “doers.”

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