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The Black Sheek

The Black Sheek


The Black Sheek by contia-prince.

This look is perfect for any business casual occasion, and the dynamic earrings and bag give it a sheek, couture flair to set you apart from the other pants suits in the room (without accessory overkill).

Hair: naturally colored, long and gently combed back away from the face; any curls or high-stakes hairdos might come off as busy, especially with the bold shape and embellishment of the earrings.

Make-Up: as little as possible, in as many neutral colors as possible. No major smoky eye here. Unless of course it’s a modern smoky eye in a palette that brings out your eye color! I would recommend a very dark brown or black liner with neutral browns and golds, or (if you must do a smoky eye) soft and creamy blacks, silvers and shimmery nudes. Keep the black close to your eyelash line to emphasize or create thickness for your lashes and a dramatic gaze for your eyes. No poppy shades or hues for the lips. Stick to good old-fashioned Vaseline or nude lip colors.

Skin: Glowing! Stay away from heavy contouring. Please. Instead, before your event, stay hydrated and eat healthily, a natural glow that comes from the inside out will look ten times better than one that’s manufactured with even the best products.

– Contia’ Prince, Editor-in-Chief


A L C off shoulder top

Wallis wide leg trousers

Chanel man bag

Michael Kors stone necklace
$140 –

Vintage earrings

Metal wall art

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