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Roses for Kitty

Roses for Kitty

The essence of this look is soft, ethereal, femininity. My absolute favorite elements of this ensemble are the crocheted rose patch on the shoulder and the subtle earthiness of accessories like the ankle boots and the hand bag that contrast against the pinkness of the pants and jewelry.

I wanted to capture a soft-sweet essence by compiling softer, earthy colors with fairly translucent, almost ethereal pinks and golds. Even though I personally am a dog person, the cat featured in the bottom left corner “just felt right.”

Hair: Anything from the (in)famous messy bun to a sleek, 50s hairdo will work. To be perfectly fair, the attention piece for this outfit is the crocheted shoulder patch, which can (but should not be) underestimated when it comes to this particular ensemble.

Make-up: None if you can help it! This Spring, glowing skin will be in, so (if anything) stick to a neutral palette with an assortment of blushing pinks and champagne-colored browns. Brown eyeliner in a semi-dramatic cat-eye might work also. Big, dark lashes accentuated by black mascara are a plus, also.

Skin: Again, I say – natural, natural, natural glow is a must! Bronzers and lotions such as Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer aren’t bad and are fairly good products that I’ve seen work on others. It helps to give you a natural looking glow without sitting in the sun for hours. Meanwhile, I would recommend plenty of water and a well-balanced diet to help supplement the products you use. This way, you won’t look like a ghost when you finally remove your make-up for the day!

Be sure to be on the lookout for upcoming articles tailored for busy lifestyles to help you achieve that summertime glow through healthy eating and exercise!

-Contia’ Prince, Editor-in-Chief

Roses for Kitty by contia-prince featuring Pier 1 Imports

Burberry brown booties
$415 –

Topshop hand bag

Dangle earrings

Kate spade jewelry

Porcelain sign

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