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5 Tips for Giving Your Look A Summer Refresh

By Contia’ J. Prince

As the summer months come lazily rolling in, many of us will be kick-starting some Mid-Year Resolutions. Some of you will make revamping your wardrobe a top priority on this list. For those of you looking to give your look a little “oomph,” here are 5 very helpful tips to give you some guidance in creating a new look for your new attitude and prepare you for your lifestyle as CEO or Director of Whatever.

1. Start from the Inside Out. How do you want the way you look on the outside to reflect the way you feel on the inside?

2. Plan Accordingly. Know what you want to buy and when/how you want to buy it. Consider the look you’re going for and maybe even do some online window shopping. In addition, give consideration to what you already own and how you can incorporate some of these items with your new purchases.

those baby blues accessories kit summer refresh outfits
3. Budget and Be You. Don’t get drawn into the trap of wearing the status symbol of the moment. Be true to you and the way you want to look and dress– for any occasion. Yes, we are taught to look to social cues about how to hold our forks and such, but you can still be yourself while keeping with the decorum for the event. Note: If you are a guest, especially at an event that has some networking potential, act and dress in a way you know your grandmother would approve of. This tip simply means that you do not have to go broke to fit in, or wear bodycon dresses because they’re the item every “It” girl is rocking at the moment, but, for your sake and that of your host, do not wear jeans to a black tie, or even semi-formal, event. (Even really nice ones.)

G is for outfits summer refresh

4. Be Practical. Think about where you will wear a particular outfit and how your new style will logically fit into your actual lifestyle (and the life style you are working hard to achieve). (Revisit Tip #3.)

It's Just Business image

5. Be Creative. Having a corporate, or any other job, doesn’t require you to check your fashion sense at the door. Know how to balance expressing your creativity with maintaining a look appropriate for the work place.

playing it pink outfits summer refresh

Bonus Tip: BE BOLD.

Don’t be afraid to stand out at a board meeting or social event because of a snazzy pair of earrings. If you were meant to look, act and dress the same as everyone else, you would – naturally. Also, it becomes hard to prove your value or worth in a company when you model your resume and behavior after everyone else. As an entrepreneur and future small
business owner, I won’t pay top dollar for someone who I can hire a dozen of anywhere, or whose work I could easily do myself. What makes you special? FIND IT AND EMBRACE IT. Also, understand that although you represent both your personal and corporate brand wherever you go (TAKE THAT SERIOUSLY) it doesn’t mean you have to be a stick in the mud. Have fun with your new wardrobe, responsibly.

black peach of the family


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