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Letter from the Editor…


When I first founded Cufflink, I had a certain vision of what it all might entail. Articles that would provoke thought and emotion, a typical nod of an “Amen” from my viewers and readers. I still have that vision, but, what they don’t tell you about (or maybe they do tell you and you just blindly and naively ignore it) is the grueling process involved in making your goals attainable. The process of crafting a dream into a real, tangible, habitable, reality. A place where you can safely rest your head to sleep at night.

Needless to say, Cufflink is still being chiseled. There is much to do and little time to do it in, but I am still chiseling. It’s a hard process and an infinitely increasing one. There is always one speck of marble out of place in the image you place before you, but it’s worth it to keep working at it, smoothing the edges to a glossy finish.

The image I am chiseling is that of the True Modern Woman. She is elegant, graceful and sophisticated. She is independent in thought and in spirit; and she is timeless but always revolutionary. In no way, does she sacrifice her morals or values for the sake of acceptance or for the sake of advancement in any sphere (corporate or personal).

At Cufflink, the idea of the degrading, biting, female powerhouse is a fantasy, she is a funny idea to entertain, but not a reality. The Cufflink woman is assertive, strong and equally in touch with her ambitions and emotions. She is not a pushover, nor is she a bulldozer. This idea of balance does not imply perfection, because she is imperfect and is comfortable with being so. She embraces her present and uses her individual strengths to create a better future for herself and those that are to follow. She is open to exploring new avenues but remains rooted in her beliefs. She is a thinker, a nurturer and a fighter. And again, she is imperfect.

I am chiseling away at The True Modern Woman within me each and everyday, and my goal this Winter, and for many seasons to come, is to help you, all of you, chisel and polish yours.

To all of the past, present and potential viewers, thank you for your support and I hope it will continue into the near and further (and further further (per a Family Guy reference) future).

With Love,

Contia’ J. Prince

Founder & Editor-in-Chief


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